We’ve been perfecting our skull rings for more than a decade. From large skulls that make a statement to delicate, small skull rings that subtly show off your style, they’re favoured by fans of those with gothic leanings and the alternative community. We make them for anyone that wants to wear their edgy style on their finger.


Skull rings have been cast in precious metals for centuries, ‘memento mori’ designed to remind us of our mortality. We’ve been making ours for more than a decade, finessing a collection that allows you to truly express yourself and your rebellious side.

Though we’ve got statement skull rings for men and more delicate skull rings for women, all of our pieces can be worn by anyone, regardless of gender, age or background. They’re hand-carved in wax and cast in solid sterling silver using traditional techniques.

If you’d like a skull ring in gold or other precious material, get in touch and tell us your ring size, chosen design and metal of choice.