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Hellcat Jewellery offers a range of silver skull rings for men and women.
Men’s Skull Rings
Although not exclusively for men, our iconic heavy skull rings are a symbol of self expression, becoming an extension of who you are.
Women’s Skull Rings
Our gorgeous gem set silver skull rings are a more delicate option for women. Small skull rings offer an understated option that can be worn at all times, adding a touch of rebel to any outfit.
How it’s made
We pride ourselves on using the finest materials the Quarter has to offer. Our unique designs are hand-carved in wax and cast into solid sterling silver. Each skull ring is hand-finished using traditional techniques. These techniques have been honed by our jeweller’s over the course of more than a decade.

Want to order one of our women’s or men’s Skull Rings in gold? Please email with your ring size, metal of choice and your chosen skull ring design.