Our hand crafted necklaces allow you to express your rebellious side while still being beautiful pieces of jewellery that you can wear forever. We’ve mastered anatomical hearts, bones and skulls, as well as ever more unusual pieces…


The fascination of life and death has captivated people for generations, and ‘memento mori’ jewellery and artefacts have long been a way of staying in touch with mortality – reminding us to live in the moment and seize each day.

Our goth necklaces do just this. From taxidermy jewellery cast in silver to macabre pieces that resemble human skulls, hearts and more.

Whether it’s a delicate piece that you layer with others from your collection or statement necklace that is the focal point of a look, our range is ever growing and evolving to offer you curious and alternative jewels that sit perfectly alongside our earrings, rings and bracelets.