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Skull Earrings

Each skull earring is handmade and crafted from silver. The silver skull earrings start life as a wax carving, then are cast into the silver. Our in house jewellers then hand finish each and every silver item using traditional techniques.

Gothic Earrings

Our macabre inspired collection is for those fascinated with the concept of life and death our bone earrings are a beautiful cruelty free way to express your dark sense of style. Our bone earrings are also carved from wax and cast into silver, so you get the same handmade quality as our silver skull stud earrings.

Why are all of our earrings handmade?

Handmade jewellery is a choice of quality and supporting handmade skills and our historic industry, each item is made with care and attention, our jewellers use their skills and experience honed over decades experience to craft each item to the highest standard. As every skull earring is handcrafted, slight variations make each item as unique as the wearer.