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Memorial Jewellery

Ashes Ring

People have been honouring their lost loved ones with memorial jewellery for centuries. Inside rings and necklaces of precious metals are the ashes or locks of hair of someone special, whose life is to be remembered eternally. We can make hair or ashes necklaces and rings to your specifications, from the design concept we develop with you to the final, finished item.

The History

The creation of ‘mourning jewelry’ began when King Charles I died in 1649 and it’s a practice that jewellers carried forward into the Victorian era. Back then, makers in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter workshops lovingly crafted precious mementoes of the dearly departed, and we’re still doing that in ours today, using the same traditional methods that allow us to make pieces that are to be worn and held close forever.


From the moment you give us the hair, cremation ashes or even pet fur, we handle it with the same care we’d want for our own loved one. In a piece of jewellery that we work with you to design exactly as you wish (we don’t use castings for this practice), we delicately enclose the symbolic material, creating a piece as unique as the person we’re honouring.


If you’re able to visit us in our workshop, you can even take part in the process, placing the hair or ashes into the capsule yourself, ready for us to tightly seal away.


The outcome is a piece of memorial jewellery that will last a lifetime and beyond.


“My gorgeous dog had passed away and I wanted to keep some of his hair inside a ring. I had bought urn necklaces previously but these ended up coming undone and losing his hair, so I wanted something secure. Jo was utterly brilliant and so caring and thoughtful about what I was asking for. She suggested me placing [the hair] beneath the stone, which was a really lovely, thoughtful thing to suggest and it meant an awful lot to me. The quality of the ring is amazing and I cherish it so much.”

“The ring was perfect in every way. As I opened the box my heart sank because it had such a good presence about it, which I know came from the time and care Jo put into creating it. It’s the best way to immortalize my best friend and have an actual part of her with me all the time. I couldn’t be happier.”

To order your bespoke memorial ring or necklace get in touch via the contact page below or jo@hellcatjewellery.com


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