How Do You Keep Sterling Silver From Turning Your Finger Green?

Is your new favourite piece of sterling silver jewellery turning your finger green? Here’s your guide to find out why and how to stop it!

If you are wondering what this madness is, this ring is supposed to be sterling silver. Why is my finger green!?! Don’t panic, it’s not a rash or an allergic reaction, and there is a way you can still wear your new jewellery without ending up with green stained fingers that would put the hulk to shame.

When a ring turns your finger green, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s been made from cheaper materials, the most common causes are;

  • pH levels on your skin, some people just have naturally oil skin (this can alter during heatwaves)
  • Hand lotions, sun lotions, basically any of your lotions and potions
  • Not removing jewellery when washing your hands, showering, swimming etc.

So how do you still wear your new piece of jewellery? 

    • One option is to paint clear nail polish where the item will have contact with your skin, this will form a barrier between the silver and your skin and stop the reaction happening, you’ll need to periodically reapply to keep the green finger from making a reappearance!
    • If your in the midst of a heatwave or have been using all the lotions, remove your jewellery, wash your hands and use a silver polishing cloth to clean your ring.

Now you’re thinking, this is all well and good, but what about this green finger of mine? Because this is just discoloration on the skin, you should be able to wash off the green staining, use warm water and some hand wash, gently rub your finger with a cloth and it should disappear.


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