Memorial Jewellery

Memorial Jewellery

Jewels of remembrance

What is Memorial Jewellery?

Memorial jewellery, also known as cremation jewellery and mourning jewellery, has been created to memorialise passed loved ones for centuries.

Items of jewellery are made to securely hold a keepsake from a loved one so that you can keep their memory close to you at all times. This jewellery comes in the form of rings, necklace or bracelets and can be made using cremation ashes or locks of hair.

Ashes Ring
Ashes Ring
Memorial Ring
Memorial Ring

We began making memorial jewellery upon a single request, when we shared our work we were inundated with enquiries.

As well as creating designs to your specifications to make them unique to your loved one, we have also made a few select rings available to buy on the website for your convenience.

You can find our memorial page here

So far we have made rings for cremation ashes as well as pet fur but other keepsakes are welcome, please remember the space we have to encapsulate your keepsake is limited. 

We make these items to order, as opposed to using the casting process. This makes each and every one of our rings individual, which we think keeps each ring special, to honour the memory of the departed.

If you place an order we will get in touch with all the details of where to send your keepsake to, and when we receive them we handle your loved ones’ locks of hair or ashes with the care and respect you would expect of us.

If you would like a memorial ring or necklace made to your exacting requirements for a truly unique piece to hold a lock of hair or the ashes please email; contact to make arrangements. We offer a range of gemstone choices and metal options as well as hand engraving.


“The ring was perfect in every way. As I opened the box my heart sank because it had such a good presence about it, which I know came from the time and care Jo put into creating it. It’s the best way to immortalize my best friend and have an actual part of her with me all the time. I couldn’t be happier.”



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