Handmade Jeweller

Hellcat Jewellery

— Handmade in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter

Hellcat Jewellery is the brainchild of award winning jeweller Jo Herriotts, a curious and some may say strange, but mostly weird lady inspired by the macabre and dark side of life. Born and bred in the Black Country – known as the “home of metal” and birthplace to some of the world’s greatest heavy metal bands – it was only natural that Jo ended up in the heart of Birmingham’s industrial Jewellery Quarter.

The official bit…

With over a decades experience traditionally hand crafting jewellery, Hellcat individually handcrafts every single piece of jewellery that leaves our workshop based in Birmingham’s Historic Jewellery Quarter.

All of our skull jewellery is made using a range of traditional techniques using the finest locally sourced sterling silver and gold, the legendary quarter has to offer.

As an independent business, Hellcat Jewellery dedicates time and effort into making the best quality Gothic Jewellery. Hellcat Jewellery always prefers quality over quantity and maintains an entirely handmade approach to all jewellery. Unique designs, that are not part of a production line, means you get a more loving and bespoke piece of jewellery.