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For more than a decade we have been using traditional techniques to craft strange and unusual jewellery by hand, here in our Birmingham workshop.

Our small team is led by Jo Herriotts, a self-proclaimed macabre marvel with a love of rock and heavy metal music and a passion for the dark and creepy… Jo’s influences and lifelong creativity are evident in the jewellery she makes – it exists in the space where the grotesque and beautiful meet.

It’s quite likely that your Hellcat skull ring, earrings, necklace, bracelet or other gothic design were made by Jo herself – no piece leaves our Jewellery Quarter workshop without Jo having her hands on it.



We don’t churn out jewellery en masse – we meticulously create it with care. Our designs begin life as master models, either hand carved from wax or handmade using traditional jewellery making techniques, before being moulded and cast by our neighbours in the historic Jewellery Quarter. All of our precious metals are locally sourced, so local that we can walk to collect them.

We carefully select the gems we use, so you know that the stone set in your piece was specially chosen by our makers. When they’re set, we polish each piece – the jewellery rarely leaves our hands, from the moment it’s created until it leaves the workshop and arrives at your door.

Being so close to all of our suppliers means none of time and cost restraints of having materials shipped around, and the benefits of that are passed on to our customers. It’s more environmentally friendly, allows us to support our local community and it keeps us connected to the history of our industrial home.

We’re fiercely independent creators that pour our time and effort into creating the best gothic jewellery, never compromising on quality. Each piece that leaves our workshop – that makes it into your hands – is made with love and care, from our bespoke memorial jewellery and engagement rings, to our beloved skulls rings.

That’s what makes them last for a lifetime. That’s what makes them Hellcat.


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